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Are you a busy women who is trying to stay afloat so you don’t drown in all your responsibilities? Perhaps you keep putting yourself on the back burner and take care of everyone and everything else except you. At some point you may realize your mental health is suffering and it’s time to take back your control. Through my coaching courses, and/or our women’s mental health membership you will learn a variety of ways to increase your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Basic Book Course:
Walk through my book with me chapter by chapter!

If you have been on your mental health journey for a while now receiving prior help, but are needing/wanting more, this is the course for you:

Mental Health Membership:

Light Keepers-ANYA

Inside Light Keepers women become full of light. They become confident and empowered, bringing peace and happiness within themselves which then has a ripple effect to their relationships, family, and every other aspect of their life.

Through weekly coaching, private group access, meditation, other practices, and like-minded individuals we give you every tool that you need to become the best version of yourself.

health + Beauty

Part of self-love and self-care is making sure that you are taking care of your physical well-being. I want to share with you some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis that help me to “BE ME”.

Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle: 

An online system that has helped me change my perception of my body, it’s appearance, and my experiences with fashion.


SeneGence Long Lasting Cosmetics:

I have used the same makeup products for over 7 years now. They stay on all day no matter what I am doing and give me that boost of confidence I need.

I really am obsessed!!  

doTERRA Essential Oils and More:

doTERRA products are everywhere in my home now! They have helped me transition into a more holistic way of living and transform the way I manage my health and my family’s.



The purpose of Finding Your Diamond Through the Rough is to let every woman know she isn’t alone on her mental health journey. Parenting is a hard road to navigate and this workbook gives simple tools that you can use daily to help you not lose yourself while fulfilling the most noble calling which is that of motherhood. You will learn ways to live a happy, healthy life by making yourself a priority through a variety of self-care exercises, and self-reflection. You will be able to focus on your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can become aligned emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually becoming the best version of YOU!

Even if you aren’t a mother yet, the exercises found in this workbook will be of strength for you wherever you are on your journey.

This self-help workbook would make a great gift for any woman experiencing a mental health illness, those with children from 0-18yrs of age, and for those women who perhaps feel they have lost a sense of their identity.

Retreats + events

I created retreats for women who need a physical and mental reset, and an emotional and spiritual boost. This intimate retreat of only 16 attendees is going to be transformational, relaxing, rejuvenating, healing, and empowering for you to recommit to making yourself a priority.  At this in-depth intensive weekend retreat you will learn a variety of self-care skills, tools, practices, and strategies that will help rewire your brain and support you in becoming the best version of yourself. You will walk away with a new sense of belonging, community, connection with like-minded women, instant friends, and so much more! 

This is an investment in yourself and your wellness and I want to support you in taking time to prioritize your needs!

*Retreats are geared towards wives and mothers, but generally applicable for all women.

ANYA Women’s ’22  Day Retreat:
A FULL DAY packed with everything you need to walk away feeling lifted, connected, and more full of LIGHT.

  • Location: Midvale, Utah (Exact address will be emailed to you prior to the event)
  • Day: October 20th 2022
  • Time: 10:00AM – 9:00PM

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Women’s ’22  Retreat:
Nov 10th – Nov 13th | Southern Utah


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